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Serving Rockford and Northern Illinois.


606 South Avon Street – Rockford, IL 61102


Custom Machine Shop & Small Run Fabrication

Machine Shop & Supply in Rockford, IL specializes in metal repair, custom metal part machining, and CNC work.

We are a family owned company that provides high quality with quick turnaround. Walk ins are welcome. No job is too small!

CNC Milling Machines and Lathes

We have three CNC milling machines and three CNC lathes. We use these for large quantity or large parts.

Small to Medium Sized Manual Lathes

We also have several small Bridgeport style manual machines and small to medium size manual lathes. For small quantity or smaller parts.

TIG & MIG Welding and Parts Repair

We offer repairs including welding TIG & MIG, bending, and replacement of worn parts.

Samples of Our Work

We specializing in metal repair, custom metal part machining, CNC work, and more.


Flange Power Terminal

Flange special power terminal, made using one of our small CNC lathes including the finish on the parts. The holes and notches are done on our small CNC mill.


Custom Steel Bracket

Bracket, this is made with us cutting the material to size, drilling the holes in the plate on a manual mill and welding the pieces together.


Power Terminal Block

Power terminal block, the holes in the face are made on a small CNC mill and the tapered center hole and face turning is done on one of the small CNC lathes.


Cylinder Replacement Bracket

This is a replacement bracket for a hydraulic cylinder. It was fabricated from the damaged one taken off of the cylinder. The machining, bending and welding was all done in our shop.


606 S Avon St.
Rockford, IL 61102


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